No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee

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No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee
No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee
No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee
No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee
No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee No Taboo GangBang Phone Sex with Renee


Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Lucky for you we like what the pussy attracts. My name is Renee and I love to fuck. About a week ago my friends and I went to one of the clubs near here and went hunting. We call ourselves the pussy posse and we love finding the right guy or girl to gang bang. Tanya likes to watch and give directions, while Sarah gets down and dirty with me. We'd been drinking and dancing for a while when we noticed him. Exchanging a glace we moved in for the pounce. This man was tall, with chocolate brown eyes and dark hair, with that smile I knew he was the kind you don't take home to mama. The clothes he was wearing showed off his nicely toned body. He was standing with a bunch of friends when we walked up and asked him to dance. The looks on their faces was great. I could tell by the sparkle in his eyes he'd be easily lead. As we danced and drank we got more wild and freaky on the floor. Rubbing up against him and touching him all over. His friends just stood back and watched in awe. When he got to the point where he was moaning and looking desperate I invited him into the women's bathroom. At first he didn't want to go in, but I kissed him and rubbed his dick through his pants. After that he did what we told him to. When we got into the bathroom Tanya went to the couch and spread her beautiful legs to massage her pussy through her little panties. Sarah and I moved to the music with him between us kissing and caressing each other. Quickly we tore his shirt off and pulled his pants down. When I got a look at the gorgeous cock I went to my knees and swallowed him up. He moaned loudly and told me to slow down or he was going to cum. Sarah was pinching his nipples and biting his neck from behind as I stroked his dick and sucked the head. Then I had him sit on the couch next to Tanya while we took off his shoes and pants. By this time Sarah had her panties off and was showing him how to finger her. As I climbed on top of him I started playing with her nipples. Sliding slowly on his dick I enjoyed the full feeling a moment before I started fucking him fast and hard. I could hear Tanya moaning and as I looked over I saw her throw her head back and I could tell by the whimpers she was cumming. This made me move faster and faster slamming myself down on his wet dick. I came so hard I got lightheaded. As soon as I came I jumped off and looked down at his huge hard on. He looked so desperate it made me laugh. So I leaned down and scratched my number into his chest. The tiny scratches bleeding in little lovely lines. I told him if he thought he could be a good boy he should call me and we could have some more fun.  As we left I realized we had an audience and the other women were smiling. They laughed as I picked up his clothes on the way out the door.

Of course he called and I knew he was going to be a good boy when he waited 4 hours outside my apartment for us girls to get home.


Location: West Coast
Age: 27
Breast Size: 34C
Favorite Role-Plays:
Me in charge, strap ons, foot worship, needles, boots, piss play, trampling, bondage, fisting and you worshiping me while catering to my every need.
Personal Quote: "No pain for you, no gain for me"
Favorite Sex Position: Me, on top.
Favorite Sex Toy: YOU!
I have more pictures in my gallery! Just do a call with me and I will give you the password to my private gallery.
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Call Me Now Dial 1-888-807-5551 and dial Ext. 816

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  • International calls are $3.50/minute. International calls can be connected by a dispatcher or by calling me directly.
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