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Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen
Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen
Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen
Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen Teen Phone Sex with Sweet Lil' Gwen


My name is Gwen and I am a senior in college.  College life has been a ball. I don't want it to end.  I go to parties every weekend and am part of the most popular sorority in school.  I live in a small apartment off campus with two roommates.  They are my very best friends!  We love to stay up late at night and watch dirty movies, play with our toys and continuously giggle. See, I am not a lesbian, but I love a pretty pussy. We love to tease and tickle each other.  I start giggling so much that I almost pee on myself.

On Valentines Day my dad came to town to visit me.  He came to my apartment to stay with us.  He was only in town for the weekend but I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.  My Dad is a hippie. He is a free spirit.  He is one of those guys that loves to go to swinger clubs, nude beaches and nudist communities.  His first night here, I let him have my room and I stayed in the room with one of my roommates, Carmen.  It was late at night and we started laughing and giggling at a movie.  We started tickling and wrestling with each other and we were all entwined with each other and our nighties had risen. My dad came in the room to see what all the nose was and all he saw was ass and pussy.  We were so into each other we didn't hear him walk in.  When we came up for air I looked towards the doorway and saw my dad standing there.  He was totally naked with a hard cock and a smile.  He had his hard cock in his hand and was stroking it steadily.  I gasped, not in horror, but in delight.  Mmmm...what a turn n  - my daddy.  He is a handsome man, and I often had fantasies of fucking him.  When I was growing up - it was a subject you didn't mention.  It was my own secret.  I turned to Carmen and slipped her nighty off of her.  Her sweet titties were perfect and her nipples were standing at attention.  She slipped my nighty off.  I noticed my Daddy couldn't keep his eyes of my titties.  I asked him if he liked them.  His answer make me smile - he said FUCK YES BABY GIRL.  He told us to kiss.  Carmen and I kissed sweetly and passionately.  Her tongue played with mine, and my hands trickled over her pretty titties.  I loved to squeeze her titties.  They were so full and round.  I love to squeeze them together and run my tongue back and forth across her nipples, feeling them become erect with every lick.  My daddy approached the bed and told me to suck his cock.  I squealed with delight. I got on all fours and wrapped my lips around his big delicious cock.  It was so hard...so thick.  I took my tongue and swirled it around that big mushroom head and could taste the pre-cum oozing from that sweet little hole.  Carmen crawled behind me and started kissing me on my ass.  She planted sweet little kisses all over the cheeks of my ass till she got to the tasty center.  She spread my ass cheeks apart and slid her tongue right up the crack of my ass.  She slid her finger in my gorging wet pussy to feel the juices.  She made little circles as she finger fucked my cunt.  She continued to tongue fuck my ass while she dipped her fingers in and out of my pussy causing ripples of orgasm up and down my back.  I was so hot and bothered between the two of them, I couldn't help but yell out a huge moan. Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to turn around.  He wanted to fuck me from behind.  He said he wanted to fill up my juicy pussy with his love juice.  I did what I was told and turned around.  Carmen was still sitting there with her legs spread.  I nestled my pussy up to daddy as he slid his cock in my cunt.  I leaned forward and laid my face right on Carmen's pussy.  She has a sweet shaved pussy.  It was so wet you could see the wetness on her lips.  I carefully licked her sweet pussy, lapping up her sweet pussy juices.  The deeper daddy fucked me the deeper my tongue drove into her aching cunt.  I was in heaven....daddy in me and pussy juice all over my face.....when daddy started to cum he dug his hands in my hips and forced that huge load of cum deep in my hole.....till ever drop was out.  He crawled up in the bed between Carmen and I and said that this was the best trip that he's made in a long time.  He has been here every weekend since that night....we always manage to keep daddy happy.  Next week, he's bringing his business partner.  I can't wait.

Location: Alabama
Age: 18
Breast Size: 34B
Favorite Role-Plays: Age Play, Submissive, School Girl, Water Sports, Foot Worship, Food, Gothic
Personal Quote: "The more it hurts, the wetter I feel ;)"
Favorite Sex Position: I have to pick one???? Umm, Doggy Style!!
Favorite Sex Toy: The Velvet TONGUE
My Schedule: Daily from 9a-3a
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